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K23FLBST64 firework light bulb ST64

3D Firework Light Bulbs, Infinity Decorative Colorful E26 LED Light Bulb Unique for Holiday, Fun Party, Halloween, Christmas, Bar, Wedding, Garden

3D firework light bulb provides a unique look,wen you light It up from an elegant silver coated bulb,can let you reminiscent of a gorgeous fireworks or a starry night sky,and create the perfect ambiance for halloween,christmas,DJ,bands,bar,pub,club,KTV,party, birthday.

NOTE:This bulb is more suitable for decoration and atmosphere, not suitable for general lighting.

Energy Saving Bulb:Enjoy soft lighting and save money on electric bills at the same time. Boasting low energy use, 2 wattage bulb will cut down on electric costs and endure for longer periods of time.

Long life:More than 20,000 hours of life, you don't need to change the bulb for quite a long time. Lighted by LEDs, long life, low heat and power consumption.

NO Flicker or Dazzle:Led light bulbs are safer to use than fluorescent bulbs.They are free of harmful mercury and won't release any hazardous gases,creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

Easy to install:The bulb as incandescent bulbs can be installed in a few seconds, no tools required.

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